Nyofu Yasukawa Biography

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Member of the regional producer of Kyoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts (certified by the governor of Kyoto Prefecture)

1946 Born in Kyoto.
1965 Graduated Kyoto Hiyoshigaoka High School Fine Art Course Japanese Painting.
1969 Graduated Musashino Art University Department of Japanese Painting.
1974 Enrolled to Kawamo Art Research Institute (Representative: Ryouichi Kawamo, architectural heritage conservator).
Reproduction of murals and restoration of Kara Gate, Nijo Castle, Kyoto (both Important Cultural Properties).
Reproductive restoration of ceiling painting (dragon), Jinushi Shrine, Kiyomizu, Kyoto. Color restoration of shrine pavilion sculptures, Kitano Tenman-gu, Kyoto (National Treasure).
1977 Become independent from Kawamo Art Research Institute and established Yasukawa Art Research Institute.
Ceiling painting in Shiragane-do, Ryosenji, Nara.
1979 Reproductive restoration of court dance mask, Kasuga Taisya, Nara (Important Cultural Properties) .
Restoration of shrine pavilions Kaeru-mata, Nachi Taisya, Wakayama.
1986 Restoration of shrine pavilions Kaeru-mata, Yasaka Shrine, Ikeda Sanae no Mori, Osaka (Important Cultural Properties) .
Restoration of shrine pavilions Kaeru-mata, Tosa Shrine, Kochi (Important Cultural Properties).
1987 Established Myaeshi Yasukawa Co..
Three Buddhist paintings for sange, Kongouji, Nara.
Twelve Ten Statues and three others, Nan-in, Kouya-san separate head temple, Wakayama .
Restoration of white fox statues, Fushimi Inari Taisya, Kyoto.
Writing articles about arts of traditional painting on "Religion and Contemporary" published by Kamakura Shinsho (until 1989) .
Providing the cover art of "Religion and Contemporary" from 1993.
1991 Group Exhibition "1991YUGO" (sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Agency for Cultural Affairs) with an architect Hiroyuki Wakabayashi and others at Art Director Club Gallery, Manhattan, New York .
1993 Rokuchou (Six Birds) murals for conference room, Kitamidou-Tsumura Betsuin, Osaka.
Cypress fans, Eginu costumes, Kochou court dance costumes of Meiji Jingu, Tokyo.
Start a serial of essays titled "The World of Colors" on Syukyou-Kougei Shinbun (until 1996).
1994 Mask of Ranryou-Ou for Meiji Jingu, Tokyo (collaboration with present and third Hakuun Nanbu from Inami, Fuji).
Solo Exhibition at The Museum of Kyoto Annex Hall, Kyoto.
1995 Three mural works for hall, Hongwanji-ha Kobe Betsuin (Modern-ji), Kobe.
Start a serial of essays titled "Kaze no Gotoku" on Chugai Nippo art column (until 1997).
1996 Restoration of Hana-Tenkan (Flower Crown for Naginata-Hoko Chigo in The Gion Festival) after 176 years..
Solo exhibition at Chion-ji, Hyakumanben, Kyoto.
1999 Fusuma painting "Sakai Port and Nanban Ships" for Hongwanji-ha Sakai Betsuin, Osaka.
Color restoration of Toshogu, Wakayama (Important Cultural Properties).
Design and coloring Kaeru-mata and Houmotsukan murals "The Phoenixes", Yujima-Tenjin, Tokyo.
2000 Restoration of Hengaku "Rinzo" for Kyozo, Nishi-Hongwanji.
Restoration of main shrines sculptures (Kaeru-mata, Tebasami, Kibana), Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto (Important Cultural Properties).
2002 Tennyo chapel murals for Otani Honbyou, Kyoto.
Painting woodworking joints made by Risai Komazawa (one of Senke Jissoku) / Work in over 500 general temples and shrines.
2003 Portrait scroll for Kensyouji, Yao, Osaka.
Restoration of the main hall lotus murals, Jyoukiji (West Japan's largest cathedral).
  Painting Roban and Sama (wood carvings) of Nakamura community's stalls for Kenka festival in Bansyu Nada, Hyogo.
2004 The portrait of the 22nd Monshu of head temple Senjyuji and three generation (21st, 22nd, 23rd) portrait scroll of Shinshu Takada school.
  Commissioned as the painting office for Senjyuji, head temple of Shinshu Takada school.
  Reproduction of present condition and color restoration of Kaeru-mata, Katanoten Shrine, Hirakata, Osaka (Important Cultural Properties).
Work in over 500 general temples and shrines.
2005 Commissioned as the painting office for Kenshouji, Jyodo Shinshu Hongwanji school.
  Restoration in old color of nimbus and pedestal of Amitabha, Tenouji, Tendai school, Tokyo.
  Main hall constructions of Sainanin, Shingon school, Mt. Koya, Wakayama.
2006 Nio statues of Kongouji, Souto school, Otaka, Mie.
  Nagarjuna statue for Anrakuji, Jyodo school, Shikagatani, Kyoto .
  Gave a lecture for public program at Buddhist Cultural Research Center, Katada Junior College, Miezu.
2007 Published "Kokoro no Nurie - Drawn by Kyoto Miyaeshi Nyofu Yasukawa".
  Exhibition at Syourenji, Shinshu school, Sakade, Kagawa.
2008 Received The Great Craftsman in Traditional Industry of Kyoto Prefecture (in painting).
2009 Commissioned as the paint office for Kinshokuji, Shinshu Kibe school, Kibe, Shiga.
  Restoration of sculptures of shrine pavilion in Izumo Daijingu, Kameoka, Kyoto (Important Cultural Proterties).
2017 "MIYAESHI" is registered as a trademark