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Written by Nyofu Yasukawa

Nyofu Yasukawa and Koyasan - On the series of fusuma paintings in Daien-in and the Shoryoshu

Publisher: Koyo Shobo (ISBN 978-4-906108-57-2)
Publication date: 2014.7
Price: 1,944 yen (tax included)

"This book is planned to open to the public a series of paintings accompanied by Mr. Yasukawa's essays on the Kobo-Daishi. The photographs contained within the following pages were taken by the leading photographer of Koyasan, Mr. Yoshimitsu Nagasaki." (Preface)

Fujita Kokan
Chief Priest of the Koyasan Daien-in

Monyou Sore-zore

Publisher: Shukyou Kougei Sha Co.,Ltd.
Publication date: 2012.3
Price: 1260 yen (tax included)

A collection of essays explaining the history of Japanese traditional ornaments from painter's point of view. The series ran in the Shukyo Kougei Shinbun from December 2007 to August 2011.

Coloring Book of Heart - Drawn by Nyofu Yasukawa

Publisher: Koyo Shobo (ISBN: 978-4-906108-53-4)
Publication Date: 2007.1
Price: 1000 yen (tax included)

This coloring book contains series of ceiling paintings including Tennin, Phoenix, Lotus, Hosoge pattern, Kuyo Bosatsu, Kalavinka, Flowers and Birds in four seasons. Purchace from links below are also avaliable.
[Kinokuniya BooksWeb] [Seven and y] [Junkudo]

As the wind blows: In the people, therefore I am

Publisher: Chugai Nippo Co.,Ltd.
Price: 800 yen (tax not included)

A collection of essays about the various episodes of meetings and partings and the world of painting. The essay originally ran on Chugai Nippo art page from Janurary 1998 to August 2000. 24 out of 32 series are retouched and edited for publishing.

The World of Colors

Sold by Yasukawa Art Research Institute
Price: 1000 yen (tax included)

A first collection of essays ran on Shukyou Kougeisha Newspaper from September 1993 to Feburary 1996. The essays are retouched and edited for publishing.


Hyakushoku Hyakunin: Artisans of Kyoto

Edited by Tankosha Editorial Office
Publisher: Tankosha Publishing

Observing Traditions: Artisans of the 21st Century

Edited by The Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Co.,Ltd.
Publisher: Kyoto Shinbun Center Co.,Ltd.

Artisans of The Gods

Edited by The Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Co.,Ltd.
Publisher: The Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Co.,Ltd.

Y1991 YUGO Exhibition Catalog

Publisher: Oak Press Service Co.,Ltd.
Price: 7200 yen (tax included)

Catalog of the group exhibition "1991 YUGO" at Art Director Club Gallery, Manhattan, New York sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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